Blade: Wesley Snipes - Fan Art

HDRI test

First 4 hours sketch

First 4 hours sketch

First XYZ maps test and animation.

Zbrush turntable

Hey everyone!

I'm happy to share the final presentation of this personal project that I've been working on after many weekends. I decided to give it the final touches and give him the final look that he deserves :).
I'd like to add that this was a project that I started with the intention to challenge myself on capturing a likeness from simples forms, like starting from a sphere without thinking in a base-mesh which helped me to play with more shapes in the initial stage. During the process, I've learned so many new things that I've implemented in my workflow that as well I'm excited to apply in my next character.

The details were made thanks to texturingXYZ maps as a good start point, all the complementary details were made either by hand or using custom alphas in order to capture the actor likeness, as for the textures I used a scan base texture from Ten24 by mixing a hand made paint in order to match the skin color of the actor, as well for having more control over the creation of the utility maps that I used later in the look-dev stage.

I wanna say thank you to Kris Costa for his amazing Fly On The Wall course where I got so many tips & tricks that I applied in my workflow. Also, I wanna say thank you to my good friend Siamak who help me out in the initial stage of blocking the face and capturing the likeness during his mentorship, as well as for the creation of the assets in Zbrush.

I hope you guys like it, please free to leave any C&C are more than welcome.


November 20, 2020