Young Arnold portrait

Facial animation test:
The rigging and animation were done by my good friend @Darwin Giordano
I was in charge of doing the look-dev and rendering.

Facial Rigging breakdown by @Darwin Giordano

Hi, this is my new personal project which I got inspired by the Terminator movies, especially after watching the new trailer :). Speaking about the technical side of it, this project was created to try a new workflow using Zbrush, Maya, and Arnold, which allowed me to use the new multichannel faces and iris packs shared by that gave me a wonderful solid base to start working on small details using the layer system in Zbrush. Thanks for that Jeremy!. On the other hand, using the new workflow shared by using their free "head scan" for creating realistic skin textures, I used SubstancePainter to add more variation and details. Finally worked the look dev in Maya using Arnold render, which gives you a really good result straight from the default settings. Thanks to everyone for stopping by and please feel free to leave any comment/critics, appreciate your time.
The animation and rigging were done by my good friend Darwin Giordano, make sure to check his profile

July 31, 2019