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Dwalin - The Misty Mountains Cold (UE4)

This is my final presentation for this personal project. I started this one with the intention of learning UE4, during the project discovered new techniques that changed my workflow drastically, every day I'm more convinced that the future of our industry will be in real-time engines.
4k video for better quality.

4 Uv set - 2x4K and 2x2k for the weapons
Total tris: 100k

I was responsible for all aspects, modeling, texturing, rigging, animation and look-dev inside UE4.

I hope you like it, any C&C is welcome.

Details Clip - Animation

Details Clip - Face

Details Clip - Hand

Details Clip - Knuckle

Details Clip - WarHammer

Details Clip - Axe

Details Clip - Boots

Dwalin - The Misty Mountains Cold (UE4)

Dwalin - The Misty Mountains Cold (UE4)