Untamed: When Animals Ruled the World (Game-ready) - Murmillo Bear

Hi all, hope you are doing well.

Here is my final presentation for this personal project. I've started this model as part of the Arstation challenge but for personal reasons, I couldn't finish on time. The idea from the beginning was to challenge me by creating something that mixed animal with human anatomy that push me in the design aspect, this is why every detail was created by hand, from the creation of the details to the creation of each asset. Most of the details were made by hand, I only used alpha brushes for porosity which gave me a pretty solid base for adding tertiary details.

The process consisted in creating everything related to Highpoly in Zbrush and 3ds max, most of the assets were made using polygon modeling, in the end, I save up a lot of time in the retopology phase. In the case of the body, everything was made from scratch using Topogun, making sure that either topology and silhouette were correct. Textures were made by part, first I did a pass of color by separating each material type by groups, applying simple colors as a guide, once I was happy with it, I started playing with smart materials and custom ones. The environment is a combination of assets from the Quixel library, mixing together gave me a high-quality look in a quick way.

Finally, the render was made inside Marmoset Toolbag 4 using raytracing, which gave me more realism at the time of the final look.

I want to say thank you to all the participants in the challenge, for sharing ideas and feedback along the process, you guys rock!

Have a nice day.

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Concept by Mikel Rekondo https://www.artstation.com/mikelrek

January 21, 2022